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Website Design Services:


The first step in Website design & engineering is to listen to our clients, ask specific questions, and discuss measurable goals. We then provide timetables, web flow & cost.

1. Site Definition: We provide FREE consultation where in we assess the potential site goals, required results and produce a formal proposal for you to consider.

2. Design Conception: After the site definition task is complete, we discuss content, artwork, design and specific needs. Then production begins.

3. Web Engineering: Our lead Website Engineer along with our Art's Department start the site structure and database development (when applicable). Using the latest in design-ware and programming technologies including (but not limited to) Macromedia's Dreamweaver Ultradev & MX, flash, fireworks, JSP, ASP, Database and Server Side Programming to provide the site with management systems for the development team as well as the client (if requested).

4. The design:
a) Our design team lays out the home page of your project including graphics and navigation.
b) The home page is then posted to our on-line client review department for your review and approval (you will be provided review department access at this point).
c) Upon receiving your approval our design team will make any changes you requested and complete the project.
d) The design is then submitted to you for final approval.

5. Testing: The last phase involves testing all applications and browser compatibility. Once testing is completed we launch your Website and submit it to search engines that you have requested.

This process is our standard operating procedure for all our clients, whether it is a one-page project or an unlimited page, highly complex site.

Quotes and pricing per project.

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