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About US:

Don Mann, Jr. - Founder/Lead Engineer:

Mr. Mann founded Don & Associates, Inc. in 1994. Mr. Mann's background in both business and computers spans more than 20 years. Introduced to computers when in the United States Air Force, then expanding his skills in business management. Mr. Mann studied computer graphics design; computer programming and later expanded his training to specialize in Internet engineering.

With skills and experience in today's latest design-ware and programming which include (but are not limited to) Macromedia's Dreamweaver Ultradev, MX, Fireworks, Flash, MS ASP, Cold Fusion, JSP, HTML, Database and Server Side Programming, it's easy to see that Mr. Mann comes well armed when it comes to Internet engineering.

Couple this with insight from Mr. Mann's military service, computer training, as well as his experience building City Website's and you start to get a picture of why his designs and programs succeed.

Business designs are not child's play and we know it! Knowledge and experience are required!


Carol DeGroot Mann - V.P./Resident Artist:

Ms. DeGroot Mann "Art Director" has over 30 years experience. Ms. DeGroot's artwork is displayed in both public and private collections around the world and is a driving force in the production and direction of our programming/design systems for the art industry .

An artist, gallery operator-owner, frame shop, E-commerce business operator and extraordinary art instructor, Ms. Mann provides the required knowledge guiding the development of "THE ARTIST'S WIZARD" E-commerce systems.

She asks; Is your on-line experience supported by a "World Renowned Artist"?

We are proud to have her on our team and you'll reap the benefits as well.


Veronica Licona - Associate:

Mrs. Licona's experience in business management makes her a can do, get it done force to be reckoned with. Melding her experience in ad copy writing and business mgt. empowers her as a strong consultant. Her studies in web design and engineering rounds off her abilities and is a great edition to our team. We are truly blessed to have her and we're sure you'll feel the same.


Peter Mastellone - Associate for E-commerce:

Mr. Mastellone joined our team two years ago and brought with him the knowledge and abilities of a truly E-commerce experienced business man. Having suffered the trials of creating a hyper-space business (no brick and mortar) from the ground up, few individuals have a better grasp of what it takes to do it right. His success adds truly powerful insight into what our clients are up against. Mr. Mastellone will show you, as he did us, there truly are powerful solutions. We're glad he's with us and you'll welcome his results.


Calvin Simmons and Kennith Barrios:

Advanced systems networking and world wide communications are an absolute must. Listing the qualifications of these two individuals would be as impressive as it is long. Suffice it to say, in the arena of Information Technology they excel as few can. Any team lacking in this area surely falls technically short. Keeping your business communicating with the world is a challenge few companies can master.

Couple their IT knowledge and abilities with the support from companies such as AT&T, Bell Labs, MCI, Sprint and Volaris to name a few, virtually guarantees the highest quality and consistency available.

Settle for nothing less...

Our team is ready...   When you're ready, call us at 772.770.4772 or click
                                              "Contact Us". We look forward to working with you.

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